Sara Signature – Enchanted Dreams



Sara Signature – Enchanted Dreams

Take your crafts on a journey to a fairytale land of magic and romantic beauty with the Sara Signature Enchanted Dreams Collection! A dreamy pastel and gold palette winds its way around mystical fairies, unicorns, butterflies and dragonflies to give your makes a stunning vintage storybook feel.

Along with dies, stamps, gilding flakes, sets to make stunning 3D flowers and so much more – all you need to do is wave your wand to create crafting magic!

Write your own fairy tale with a treasure trove of stunning stamps, dies, embossing folders, stencils and more from the Sara Signature Enchanted Dreams Collection!

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S-Enchanted Dreams

s-ed-ef-3d-whim- Whimsical Woodland, s-ed-foamfl- Flower Forming Foam, s-ed-md-beblo- Beautiful Blossom, s-ed-md-bewitch- Bewitching Bloom, s-ed-md-flutt- Fluttering Fantasy, s-ed-md-myfra- Mystical Frames, s-ed-st-mse-Magical Statements, s-ed-st-wht- Whimsical Textures, s-ed-stamen- Flower Stamens, s-ed-std-duni- Decorative Unicorn, s-ed-std-efair-Enchanted Fairy, s-ed-std-muni- Mystical Unicorn, s-ed-std-uua- Up Up And Away, s-ed-sten-absp- Abstract Splash, s-ed-sten-desc- Decorative Script, s-ed-sten-myda- Mystical Damask


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