Spectrum Noir TriBlend Markers



Spectrum Noir TriBlend Markers


When used together, these colours will combine to give you a seamless, controlled blend each and every time. With no guess-work or waiting for the correct shade to appear. With TriBlend you know exactly what you’re going to get – 3 beautiful, related shades that will always blend wonderfully and that you can return to time and time again.

You’ll also love the convenience of having three colours in one pen. Switching from one colour to the next becomes effortless and now you can carry just one pen instead of three. Perfect for colouring on the move.

TriBlend will bring stunning, realistic shade and dimension to your work, and can take your colouring to a whole new level. Give it a try, you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Now anyone can colour and blend like an expert, it’s easy!

The Blue Turquoise Blend is perfect for adding a fun pop of teal into your summer or oceanscape pieces. You could add stunning definition to waves crashing on to the shore.

Collect the whole range and see the incredible blends that you can create!

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Spectrum Noir Triblend Pens

Alpine Green Blend, Antique Pink Blend, Blue Turquoise Blend, Blue Turquoise Shade, Bright Pink Blend, Bright Pink Shade, Brown Grey Blend, Brown Grey Shade, Burnt Orange Blend, Citrus Blend, Citrus Green Blend, Coral Blend, Coral Shade, Dark Red Blend, Dark Red Shade, Dull Green Blend, Dusty Purple Blend, Earth Brown Blend, Earth Brown Shade, Fair Skin Blend, Gold Brown Blend, Golden Brown Shade, Golden Yellow Blend, Green Turquoise Blend, Hydrangea Blend, Ice Blue Blend, Ice Grey Blend, Ice Grey Shade, Jade Green Blend, Jade Green Shade, Lavender Blend, Light Green Blend, Light Yellow Blend, Magenta Blend, Muted Brown Blend, Orange Blend, Pale Blue Shade, Pale Pink Blend, Pale Pink Shade, Pink Violet Blend, Purple Blend, Red Brown Blend, Tan Blend, Tan Shade, True Blue Blend, True Blue Shade, Vintage Blue Blend, Yellow Green Blend


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